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Flagler College Student Government Association Leadership Team

Campus Concerns

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 SGA Constitution

The Leadership Team 2013-2014

The Leadership Team, as defined by the Student Government Association Constitution, "the Leadership Team [will consist] of committee Chairs and Co-Chairs." (ArticleV Section A)

The Current Leadership Team consists of the First and Second Chairs of the following committees: Academics, Campus Concerns, Community Service, Food Service, Green, Publicity, and Student Spirit Initiative Committees.


Current Leadership Team Members by committees:


Academics Committee

First Chair: Tim Webster


Second Chair: Shannon Schmidt


Campus Concerns Committee

First Chair: Courtney Phelps 

Second Chair: Blake-Alexandria Collins


Community Service Committee

First Chair: Dawson Roebig

Second Chair: Joshua Hull


Food Service Committee

First Chair: Mel Foden

Second Chair: Kayla Thompson


Green Committee

First Chair: Matilda Murphy


Second Chair:

Publicity Committee

First Chair: Morgan Reed

Second Chair: Joshua Armstong


Spirit Committee