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Community Commitment

Community Commitment

As members of the Flagler College community it is our duty to uphold the values set forth by the mission of the college; which aims to provide a supportive and challenging environment in which students acquire knowledge, exercise good citizenship, and adhere to high ethical standards.

As the eyes and ears of our community, it is our responsibility to serve as liaisons to the College and to assist those students who show any type of behavior that could threaten their own safety or the well-being of the community. We all play a vital role in ensuring the safety of our students. The BIT strongly encourages you to utilize its referral services to continue to better our students and to further enhance our community.

The Behavioral Intervention Team consists of a group of qualified and dedicated college professionals likely to receive information about a student of concern:

Members of the BIT include the Director of Campus Security, the Vice President of Student Services, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, the Director, Assistant Director, and Office Manager for the Counseling Center, the Director of Advising and Retention, and the Assistant to the President. Other Ad Hoc members may be included as needed. Their mission is to:

Initiate appropriate intervention without resorting to punitive measures

  • Assess the risk associated with reported concerns and, in cooperation with other appropriate college teams or offices, formulate an appropriate response when an individual’s behavior and/or statements generate concern that he/she may present a threat to the health or safety of self or others.
  • Provide a team approach designed to increase the opportunity for awareness of problems and reduce the risk of “fragmented care.” 
  • Provide a structured positive method for addressing student behaviors that may adversely impact the college community, the mission of the College, and may involve mental health and/or safety issues.
  • Balance the individual needs of the student and those of the greater campus community.
  • Manage each case individually.

Please know the success of this process hinges on community commitment to reporting concerns.

Thank you for reviewing the Behavioral Intervention Team site. If you have further questions or have comments, please call a BIT member at 819-6403.

This program is modeled after the Behavioral Intervention Team at the University of South Carolina and used with their permission.