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Flagler College is a walker friendly campus, in terms of distance and accessibility.  If you chose to live on campus you are only a few minutes’ walk from the main class room buildings.  Many students, if they decided to live off campus, will ride a bicycle and park it at the numerous bike racks located around campus.


Students are permitted to have automobiles or motorcycles. The College reserves the right to deny this privilege at any time for academic or disciplinary reasons. In order to park in any college controlled parking areas, a student must purchase a Flagler College parking permit. Parking spaces are very limited and may be restricted for certain buildings.


St. Augustine is served by Greyhound Bus service with departures scheduled throughout the day at various times. Jacksonville, forty-five miles to the north, and Daytona, fifty miles to the south, are served by major airlines connecting to all parts of the country.

Campus Map

Flagler College Campus Map

Flagler College Campus Map (PDF)