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High School Checklist

You’ve heard the saying: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

If you’ve reached this page, you’re thinking about how to launch your journey to college and to the career and life beyond. Don’t worry. We’ve put together a year-by-year checklist that will help you make—and execute—a solid plan. Click each link below to see what you can do during your high school years to get started.

  • Freshmen

    • Initial meeting with college counselor
  • Sophomores
    • Review four-year plan with college counselor
    • Take PSAT and PLAN Test
    • College prep course review with college counselor
  • Juniors
    • College visits
    • Study college entrance requirements
    • ACT/SAT prep workshop
    • Take NMSQT and ACT or SAT
    • Attend college fairs
  • Seniors
    • Request information from colleges on your list
    • Research scholarships
    • Parent/counselor conference
    • Complete resume
    • College counselor review of application forms
    • Mail completed forms to top choices
    • Take ACT/SAT and achievement tests
    • Send applications and transcripts to top choices
    • Complete FAFSA form
    • Check with counselor for local scholarship opportunities
    • Forward all final information
    • Reply promptly to colleges
    • Submit admission and housing deposits

Download our College Selection Timeline