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Payment Plan

Need to spread out your tuition payment over time? CashNet/Blackboard and Flagler College offer an installment option which allows you to split your balance into monthly payments, payable over a span of 4 months. The only cost to you is a nonrefundable enrollment fee of $35.00, charged at the time of enrollment.

To enroll in the plan follow these simple steps:

  • student creates a PIN for your access into the Authorized Payer portal
  • you create a permanent password within 48 hours
  • login and select Enroll in Installment Payment Plan - after invoice has been published
  • four equal monthly payments will show due
  • required to read and acknowledge the terms and agreements online
  • set up your information for automatic payment withdrawals

Should there be an increase in the student’s balance while enrolled in the payment plan, you will have the option to read and acknowledge a new terms and agreement and the remaining payments are then adjusted to incorporate the additional balance. If there is a decrease from the original plan amount, no new terms and agreement is required and the remaining payments will adjust accordingly.

Fall Tuition due date – August 1st

Installment Plan dates – July -August -September -October

Spring Tuition due date – December 1st

Installment Plan dates- November -December -January -February

Exact dates of deductions for the payment plan will vary by term. The date will always be approximately the middle of the month.

Enrollment into the payment plan is open through September 1st for fall and January 1st for spring.