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Faculty-Led Programs

Flagler College Goes Abroad

Our faculty-led programs are short-term courses, running from 1 to 4 weeks, that integrate experiential learning with more traditional classroom experiences.

They are designed and led by one or more Flagler faculty members and typically involve 7 to 30 students, depending on the number of faculty per trip.

Study Abroad Trips 2018

Check back, as more programs will be added throughout the year.

  • Study Abroad Yucatan

    Study Abroad - Cuba

    Program Information

    The 2018 Beyond Cancun Study Tour to Yucatan, Mexico will offer students a unique opportunity to study the Hispanic and Maya culture and religion in the heart of the Yucatan, home to the Maya civilization and some of the first missions founded by the Franciscans in continental America.

    Program Details

Past Trips: 2017

  • Study Abroad Cuba

    Study Abroad - Cuba

    Program Information

    This faculty-led course will give students the opportunity to explore Cuba at a crucial moment in its history. Students will witness a nation caught between its revolutionary past and an uncertain future. They will gain first-hand information about the island’s social, cultural and economic evolution during a 13-day full-immersion trip to the Western Hemisphere’s only socialist nation. They will meet everyone from authors and entrepreneurs to artists and musicians while learning how Cuba has changed since the United States and Cuba restored diplomatic relations in 2015.

  • Study Abroad Russia

    Study Abroad - Russia

    Program Information

    This study abroad trip consists of the 3 hour HIS 340 Revolutionary Russia course coupled with a 14 day trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. The focus of the trip will highlight the tumultuous revolutionary years that Russia experienced from the collapse of autocracy to the collapse of Communism. 2017 marks the 100 year anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. As such, coursework prior to the trip will emphasize the unique characteristics of Russian society and government that contributed to the eventual 1917 Revolution, as well as the impact and legacy of Communist rule. While in Moscow and St. Petersburg, students will further their knowledge through several onsite visits to relevant sites.

  • Study Away New York

    Study Abroad - New York

    Program Information

    A 4-day intensive study away program designed to broaden students’ knowledge of historical and contemporary art practice. Completed through visiting major museums, prominent gallery districts, and meeting professionals working in the art world. Students will be evaluated on their attendance, their preparation through reading prior to the trip and on their research into artists and completion of written requirements following the trip.

  • Study Abroad Spain

    Study Abroad - Spain

    Program Information

    This course abroad offers an overview of the heterogeneous cultural landscape of Spain through an interdisciplinary approach to its history. We will pay special attention to the on-site study of the conflict between two antagonistic national projects: one that understands Spain as a homogeneous entity and one that advocates for a plural conception of the country. The former has been historically based on authoritarian forms of government, the Catholic faith, and centralistic culture, while the latter emphasizes a liberal government, tolerance, and cultural diversity. To study these issues, we will devout a large portion of class time to field trips within Cuenca and its neighboring regions and cities such as Madrid, Toledo, and Valencia among the others.

  • Study Abroad Belize
  • Study Abroad Bermuda
  • Study Abroad Panama
  • Study Abroad Germany
  • Study Abroad Vietnam