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Study Abroad - Spain
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Cuenca, Spain

Program Description

This course abroad offers an overview of the heterogeneous cultural landscape of Spain through an interdisciplinary approach to its history. We will pay special attention to the on-site study of the conflict between two antagonistic national projects: one that understands Spain as a homogeneous entity and one that advocates for a plural conception of the country. The former has been historically based on authoritarian forms of government, the Catholic faith, and centralistic culture, while the latter emphasizes a liberal government, tolerance, and cultural diversity. To study these issues, we will devote a large portion of class time to field trips within Cuenca and its neighboring regions and cities such as Madrid, Toledo, and Valencia among the others.

Program Information

Program Leader

Professor Aggie Johnson



Program Location
Cuenca, Spain

Course Title
Spa 340 Special Topics in Culture & Literature: Cultures of Spain

May 12-June 10, 2017

Credit Hours
7 [3 Flagler College & 4 transfer]

Eligibility Requirements/Prerequisites
24 FC credits by the beginning of the program, 2.5 GPA

Estimated Student Enrollment

Estimated Cost: $5,501
Tuition: $1,401
Program Fee: $3,500
Subtotal: $4,901
Non-program costs: International Airfare $600

Additional Expenses: Passport $160; Spending Money 200-500

Required Program Fee Deposits $500 on 10/25/2016
Payment Deadlines $3,000 on 3/15/2017

Contact Information & Office Hours: Aggie Johnson at MF 2-3pm & TR 9-12pm