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Photo Contest

Study Abroad Fair

The Study Abroad Fair is a comprehensive information event for anyone interested in learning more about the many exciting study abroad opportunities available at Flagler College. If you've ever thought about studying abroad, the Study Abroad Fair is the perfect place to begin your search.

Photo Contest

For the photo contest, students must submit their photos for a chance to get them posted in a public space at Flagler.

Submission information

Each photo must be submitted in electronic form to  Deadline is Wednesday, October 28th.

Your photographs may be black-and-white or color. In the text of your e-mail, include your name, class year, a brief description of each photo, including where it was taken and the category.

You will also need to include this sentence in the body of your email:

"I ____ (type your full name here)___ give permission for Flagler College Study Abroad Office to use my photographs for promotional purposes in print and web materials.”

Faculty experts in photography and global culture will be invited to participate in a juried review of the contest submissions and will provide commentary on notable photos and techniques of the photos. The purpose of this juried review is to demonstrate the multiple perspectives on the impact of photographic images as well as the different disciplinary appreciations of photography as cultural documentation, aesthetic representation and student engagement.

The photos categories are:

  1. Cultural encounter/s: Images of social interaction between cultures or of the photographer's own immersion in a cultural context.
  2. Daily life: The everyday moments in which one experiences culture and environment
  3. Land/Sea/City/Culture-landscapes: These are the sweeping, broad views of geological formation, built environment, marine views or large-scale cultural formations such as ceremonies or mass gatherings viewed from a distance.
  4. Natural ecology: Images of flora, fauna and geological elements
  5. Perspectives of US Culture: Images from the US as viewed through the eyes of international students. (Submission by international students ONLY)


The Study Abroad Photo Contest is open to all Flagler College students in good standing.

Number of Entries

Each student may enter up to three (3) photos. They can be in any category or categories.


The Study Abroad Contest relies on students’ honesty.

Originality and Retouching

  • The content of submitted photos must not be altered. Nothing in the image may be removed. That includes objects, scenery, people and any other detail. So please refrain from removing distracting electrical wires, body parts or anything else that is in the original image.
  • Cropping and straightening is allowed. You may also use digital tools to correct color balance, straighten the image, adjust the dynamic tonal range and improve sharpness.
  • Darkening or brightening specific areas of a photo is allowed, but this should be minimized and should not be used to create unrealistic scenes. Editing should be used only to more accurately express what you saw – not distort or change a scene.
  • You are not allowed to use enhancement filters. These include film grain, tint, sepia, warming, graduated tint, focal, B&W, Cinemascope, Orton-ish, HDR-ish, Posterize, Duo-Tone, Vignette, Focal Zoom and many more.
  • Stitched panoramas are allowed only if the photos were taken within the same time frame. Captions should specify whether image is stitched. The same goes for high dynamic range (HDR) photos. These are allowed only if the combined images are taken at the same time.
  • We will check every photo for authenticity and originality. Entries that violate any of the context rules will be disqualified.


Photos will be judged on:

  • Impact
  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Technical Quality

Judges will pick the top photo from each category, as well as a grand prize winner and a runner-up.

Photo size and format

  • Photos should be in JPEG format. They should measure at least 1600 pixels wide for horizontal images or 1600 pixels tall for vertical pictures. Do not submit images larger than 4MB. And please do not include artistic frames, borders or watermarks.
  • Captions
  • Captions should contain detailed information about what the photograph shows. This includes names of subjects and places, description of any activities shown in the photograph, location of the photo and date it was taken. Captions must be complete, truthful, accurate and fair.


  • Copyright of submitted photos remains the property of the student. Students give Flagler College Study Abroad Office permission to use the photographs for promotional purposes in print and web materials.