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Honors Program

The Flagler College Honors Program supports exceptionally creative, talented, and intellectually-engaged students. As a student in this program, you’ll maximize your educational experience by interacting closely with faculty and peers in a stimulating interdisciplinary environment.

Program Description

Only a small percentage of students (around 5% of each class of incoming freshmen) are invited to join the Honors Program each year, and other students may apply to enter the program during their sophomore, junior, or senior years. The program offers coursework and extracurricular activities that are designed to give you the highest academic challenge. Students successfully completing all elements of the Honors Program will be recognized at graduation and will have an Honors designation placed on their official academic transcripts.


HON 100 (1) Freshman Honors Colloquium I (fall semester)
HON 101 (1) Freshman Honors Colloquium II (spring semester)
ENG 172WI Topics in College Writing: Honors 
FYS 172H (3) First-Year Seminar
HON 200 (1) Sophomore Honors Forum I (fall semester)
HON 201 (1) Sophomore Honors Forum II (spring semester)
HON 300 (1) Junior Honors Forum
HON 400 (1)  Senior Honors Forum

First-year Honors Program students will be enrolled in an Honors-designated Learning Community in the Spring semester.

During the junior or senior year, Honors Program students will participate in an extracurricular high impact learning experience. This experience can be one of the following: study abroad/away, internship, semester-long service learning project, grant writing, or other activity pre-approved by the Honors Program Director.


Interested? To learn more about the Flagler College Honors Program, contact