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The Passport Co-Curricular Program

Welcome to Flagler College


Your experience at Flagler will include opportunities to enhance what you learn in the classroom with events outside the classroom. We believe profoundly in taking advantage of every opportunity to expand your horizons and prepare you for a lifelong journey of enriched learning.

The Flagler Passport Co-Curricular Program requires all students to attend a variety of co-curricular events that best represent the literary, philosophical, visual arts, natural sciences and performing arts traditions that are the hallmark of a well-rounded, cross-disciplinary, liberal education. Typical credited events include concerts, plays, lectures, panel discussions, debates, art exhibits, research presentations and readings.

The Passport Co-Curricular Program

The Co-Curricular requirement at Flagler requires that students attend:

  • Three events approved for credit per semester during their Freshman and Sophomore years;
  • Two events approved for credit per semester during Junior and Senior years.

How It Works

During the Building My Legacy Orientation, you will receive a keepsake passport, printed with your graduation year, with empty pages designed to fill with stamps demonstrating your educational journey at Flagler.

Plan Your Itinerary

From theatre productions to exploring local natural springs, a variety of credited events are at your fingertips, it's just a download away. Go to the app store on your iPhone and search for "ORGSYNC" or visit The Hammock page for a list of co-curricular events.

You will also receive a weekly email called The Passport Digest every Friday with a list of upcoming events for the next week.

Attend Events

When you attend credited events, scan your ID at the door AND on the way out of the event to receive credit.

Earn Your Stamps

Bring your passport to the events to receive a custom stamp for each type of event. From natural science to fine arts to speakers and readings – keep this as a token of your journey through your Flagler experience.

Jill Miller FYE

Jill Dawson

Director of the First Year Experience Program and Co-Curricular Coordinator


Sep 5, 2017
Ideas & Images: Dr. Helmut Flachenecker
7:00 PM
Ponce de Leon Hall

Passport Stamps

Passport Stamps