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Public Administration
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Fall 2017

  • Session A – 8 weeks

    PAD 470 Current Issues for Public Managers

    The course examines the array of challenges faced by public managers in the 21st century. Students will study how to successfully manage in an era of reduced revenues, a decreased public sector workforce, difficult decisions on service levels, and increased public and policymaker scrutiny. Representative topics of study include: sustaining revenue and budgets, reengineering service delivery, public employee health care and pensions, contracting and public-private partnerships, use of technology, and effectively communicating with stakeholders and citizens.  

    PAD 440 Behavior in Public Organizations

    An examination of human behavior in public organizations. Representative topics include organizational change, personal development, and team building.

  • Session B – 8 weeks

    PAD 401 Grant Writing and Administration

    An examination of the practice of grant writing, including analysis of the different kinds of grants, the market for grants, the preparation of grant proposals/applications for submission and successful management of the grant and the relationship with the funding agency. 

    PAD 420 Administrative Ethics

    A study of the definition and philosophy of ethics.  Students will learn to recognize ethical problems and gain skills to approach them with honesty, sincerity, and confidence. Special emphasis is given to public service ethics for public administrators. 

Spring 2018

  • Session A – 8 weeks

    PAD 425 Issues in State and Local Government

    Broad introduction to the structure and operations of state and local governments. Included among the topics of study are the role and power of state and local governments, interest groups, political parties, and state constitutions. 

    PAD 445 Research Methods for Public Administrators.

    This course emphasizes the important role of research in public affairs. Topics include research design, measurement, survey design and implementation, observational techniques, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, and research ethics. 

  • Session B – 8 weeks

    PAD 372 Intergovernmental Relations

    An examination of how the various levels of government, local, county, state, and federal, share authority and power in their constantly changing relationship of joint action.

    PAD 460 Program Evaluation

    An examination of the evaluation of public programs. Topics to be covered include planning, monitoring, and conducting program evaluations. Students will also study cost-benefit analysis and evaluation design.

Fall 2018

  • Session A – 8 weeks

    PAD 215 Public Relations

    This course examines the principles of effective communication and the tools of successful public relations. Students will learn how to research, design, present, implement, and evaluate a communications plan to support an organization and its policy choices. 

    PAD 301 Public Administration

    A survey of the major concepts and ideas shaping the field of public administration today, emphasizing public vs. private management, bureaucratic processes and politics, and administrative responsibility. 

  • Session B – 8 weeks

    PAD 220 Accounting for Public Administrators

    An introduction to Governmental and Fund Accounting, providing an overview of Fund Accounting, Governmental Accounting Standards, Program Cost Accounting and Reporting. Students will acquire a basic knowledge of Fund Accounting, Account Structure, Revenue and Cost Reporting, and Auditing Requirements. 

    PAD 320 Public Policy

    An examination of the policy making process and a survey of the major policy areas facing public administrators today, including representative topics such as the environment, education, crime, welfare, and taxation.  

Spring 2019

  • Session A – 8 weeks

    PAD 351 Administrative Law

    A review of the safeguards in the administrative system for the rights and liberties of those in direct contact (or conflict) with public administrators, and for the rights and liberties of public administrators. Topics of study include rule making, adjudication, administrative discretion, regulation, and the Administrative Procedures Act.

    PAD 200   The Public Economy.

    A review of the American economy. Topics of study include federal, state, and local effects on the economy, economic growth, inflation, and the United States in the world economy. 

  • Session B – 8 weeks

    PAD 210 American Government

    An introduction to American Government, including such representative topics as the Congress, the Presidency, civil liberties, voting and public opinion, and national defense. 

    PAD 360 Fiscal Administration

    An examination of fiscal administration within the public sector. Major topics of study include: principles of public finance, the budgetary process, budget methods and practices, budget classifications and reform, capital budgeting, tools of taxation, user fees, tax collection, revenue forecasts, intergovernmental fiscal relations, debt administration, and cash management.

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