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Faculty Spotlight

Graduate Success: Michael Rodgers

Michael Rodgers

Michael, a graduate of Flagler’s Theatre Arts program, is now the Production Stage Manager for Blue Man Group’s production on Norwegian Cruise Lines.

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Britt Cory

Faculty Profile: Britt Corry


Behind every great production at Flagler College—whether a Theater Arts Department show, a Flagler Forum event, a community dance recital, or a classical music concert—odds are Britt Corry is waiting in the wings. As Technical Director for Lewis Auditorium and Flagler’s Theatre Arts Department, Corry has overseen production of hundreds of performances and special events over the past two decades—each presenting a new set of challenges in staging, lighting, set design, blocking, audio, and props.

It’s a big job, but Corry takes it in stride. The North Carolina native has worked in every facet of theatre arts, from acting and dancing to directing and producing. Plus, his father was a building contractor, and Corry remembers a life spent in hands-on building activities that paved the way for his later prowess in technical design and set construction. “I basically grew up with a hammer in my hands,” he remembers. “I like to be doing things, building things, making things work. It’s how I’m wired.”

After college, Britt worked in New York City in both performance and production roles. It was there that he met and married his wife, Heather, and the couple soon found themselves relocating to St. Augustine so Heather could pursue a Deaf Education degree at Flagler. That was twenty years ago—and the Corrys are now such a large part of the Flagler community that it’s hard to envision the College without them. In addition to Britt’s role as Technical Director, Heather works as the College’s coordinator for deaf interpreters during events. Their son Joseph, currently a high school student, is already taking college-level classes at Flagler, and their daughter Kjarstie, an accomplished young dancer, has spent many hours performing on the Lewis Auditorium stage.

As for Britt, he’s staying as busy as ever, currently juggling last-minute preps for the Theatre Arts Department’s fall production, working with his set design and technical production students, designing scenes, directing independent studies…and the list goes on. His twenty years at Flagler have flown by, he said. “I’m starting to be one of the old-timers now,” he observed, laughing. Not likely—in coming months, in addition to his regular busy schedule, Britt will be completing an intensive program to renew his certification in Stage Combat. Old-timer? Not by a long shot.