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Sport Management
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Sport Management

The Sport Management major is intended for those who desire to play a leadership role within the ever-growing world of sports, without necessarily being an athlete.

Program Description

Sport is a multibillion-dollar industry which places unique demands on its management personnel. The Sport Management major is designed for those students interested in administrative positions in: professional sport at the major and minor league levels, college athletics, sport marketing and sales, event management, community and campus recreation marketing, sales, legal issues, and management functions. Therefore, the Sport Management program provides 59 hours of diverse course offerings and also incorporates coursework from economics, accounting, and computer studies.

Major Requirements

Required Courses
SPM 120 Introduction to Sport Management (3)
SPM 210 Sociology of Sport (3)
SPM 260 Administration of Sport (3)
SPM 270 Sport Marketing, Promotion, and Sales (3)
SPM 281 Apprenticeship in Sport Management (1)
SPM 315 Sport Finance (3)
SPM 325 Sport Law (3)
SPM 330 Recreation/Fitness Management (3)
SPM 335 Facility/Event Management (4)
SPM 370 Junior Seminar (1)
SPM 430 Governance in Sport (3)
SPM 435 Sport Ethics (3)
SPM Elective (3)
SPM Elective (3)
SPM Elective (3)
SPM 470 Senior Seminar (2)
SPM 481, 482 Internship in Sport Management (12)

Other Requirements

Additional Requirements
ACC 211 Principles of Financial Accounting (3)
ACC 212 Principles of Managerial Accounting (3)
MIS 206 Data Management for Business (3)
ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

Required Electives
Three SPM Electives above the 200 level

4 Year Plan

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