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Calvin Hunter

Power and Poise

Calvin HunterProfessor Calvin Hunter knows how to compete. At his alma mater, Guilford College, he was one of the top quarterbacks in the school’s history, winning the Old Dominion Athletic Conference’s Football Player of the Year Award and guiding his team to the league title in 1991. He graduated from Guilford with a degree in sports management and 13 school records, three of which stand today.

And his nickname, during all those victories? “Poise.”

It’s not hard to see why. Gracious and unassuming, Dr. Hunter speaks quietly, but his words carry a confidence and focus that have served him well during his long career as an athlete, event producer, sports management professional, and now college professor. He’s seen sports management from nearly every angle, and he shares his diverse experiences—from managing equestrian events at Georgia International Horse Park to serving as the full-time event manager for the Greensboro Coliseum—with his students, many of whom are planning for careers in sport management, sport finance, human resources, or facilities management.

A native of Greenville, North Carolina, Dr. Hunter is a cornerstone in recent philanthropic events hosted at Flagler—including the “Make a Swish to Make a Wish” basketball tourney and the “Dodge Hunger” dodgeball event. These projects, he said, give him an opportunity to work with students toward a focused goal with the added benefit of learning solid event management practices along the way.

Teaching at Flagler, he noted, is a very rewarding career, bringing professional and personal fulfillment that satisfies both the competitive athlete and the strategic leader in him. He paused, and in his signature poised demeanor, sums it up: “My wife and I were both raised in North Carolina,” he said. “We always said that if an opportunity came up to go elsewhere, to explore outside of our home state, that we’d consider it. When the opportunity to come to Flagler presented itself, I jumped at it. I am very happy here—working with students, partnering with colleagues, raising my family. It’s a great place to be.”