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The sociology major exposes students to theory and research on human social interaction and social institutions while promoting an understanding of the effects of social categories such as sex, age, or race on people’s daily life.

Program Description

The Sociology Program is designed to improve students’ analytical skills, to prepare them for graduate school admission and success, and to prepare them for careers that involve sociological skills, such as research and working with diverse populations. The course offerings assure that students learn the foundations of sociology — sociological perspectives and research methods — while allowing students to focus their electives on advanced research methods and areas that interest them. In each of the sociology courses, students learn research and theories about patterns in families and peer groups, large organizations, and entire societies. A Sociology major allows students to earn a second major (called dual majoring) or earn two or three minors along with the major.

Major Requirements

 The Sociology major consists of 36 total credit hours. Of these, 24 credit hours will be required core courses, with an additional 12 hours of electives. Major requires students to complete an exit exam. Students are encouraged to focus coursework in specific areas of sociology and must consult with their Academic Advisors regarding course selections. Students interested in graduate school and careers involving research (such as marketing and policy assessment) are strongly encouraged to take the sequence of research courses, SOC 301, SOC 302, and SOC 495, and to complete an internship.

Required  Courses (21 credit hours)
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (3)
MAT 223 Statistics (3)
SOC 301 Sociological Research Methods (3)
SOC 332 Sociological Perspectives (3)
SOC 350 Inequality in America (3)

Choose  1  course  from  below
SOC 470 Senior Seminar (3)
SOC 495 Advanced Research Project (3)

Elective  Courses  (12 hours)
SOC 201 Contemporary Social Problems (3)
SOC 210 Marriage and Family (3)
SOC 302 Research Design (3)
SOC 315 Sex, Class, Race and Ethnicity (3)
SOC 320 Sociology of Aging (3)
SOC 323 Sociology of Education (3)
SOC 340 Selected Topics (3)
SOC 355 Global and Comparative Sociology (3)
SOC 372 Sociology of Medicine and Health (3)
SOC 422 Social Work Theory, Practices and Institutions (3)
SOC 430 Urban Sociology (3)
SOC 440 Selected Topics (3)
SOC 448 Environmental Sociology (3)
SOC 477 Research Assistant (1-3)
SOC 481,482,483 Sociology Internship (3)
SOC 491,492,493 Independent Study (3)

Minor Requirements

Students minoring in sociology must take a total of 18 hours, which includes SOC 101, and 15 additional hours of sociology courses, with at least six hours at the 300 and 400 level.

4 Year Plan

Sociology Major
 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years

Sociology Minor
 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years


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