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Political Science

Students majoring in political science will confront and reflect on some of the enduring questions and struggles surrounding political life. Students will also gain an understanding of the institutions and the nature of American politics. The major emphasizes the increasing international dimensions of politics, which are unavoidable as we enter the 21st century.

Program Description

The Political Science Program at Flagler College is dedicated to providing students with the knowledge and analytical skills necessary for them to rise to the challenges of responsible citizenship and effective leadership in both a diverse society and a global community. Through discovering and learning the concepts and theories of political science, students will be provided with the necessary tools to integrate new facts into their own worldviews; to reflect upon themselves in relation to others; to take risks, to participate actively in political life, and to accept responsibility for their actions. Students graduating from this program will be equipped not only with the knowledge required to live and work in an increasingly interdependent global community, but also with the skill - verbal, written and technological - that will empower them to succeed in the workplace, graduate school, and the professions.   

Explore more: Click the link below to watch a recently televised lecture hosted by Professors Arthur Vanden Houten and John Young

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Major Requirements

Students majoring in Political Science are required to complete 48 credit hours.

Required Courses
POS 200 Introduction to Political Science (3)
POS 203 Introduction to Political Thought I (3)
POS 204 Introduction to Political Thought II (3)
POS 221 Politics in the US (3)
POS 301 International Relations (3)
POS 331 Comparative Politics (3)
POS 332 Political Science Scope and Methods (3)
POS 470 Senior Seminar (3)
ECO 201 Macroeconomics (3)
ECO 202 Microeconomics (3)

Students must take at least 6 elective hours at the 300-level and 12 elective hours at the 400-level. (18 hours)

Choose at least 1 course from below (American Politics/Government)
POS 340 Selected topics in American Politics (3)
POS 341 Constitutional Law I (3)
POS 342 Constitutional Law II (3)
POS 339 Congress (3)
POS 355 American Constitutional (3)
POS 360 The American Presidency (3)
POS 442 State and Local Government (3)
POS 440 Selected topics in American Government (3)
POS 481/482/483 Political Science Internship (3)
POS 491/492/493 Independent Study - American Politics (3)

Choose at least 1 course from below (Political Theory)
POS 340 Selected topics in Political Theory (3)
POS 402 Ancient Political Thought (3)
POS 405 Contemporary Political Thought (3)
POS 437 Smith, Marx and God (3)
POS 440 Selected topics in Political theory (3)
POS 491/492/493 Independent Study - Political Theory (3)

Choose at least 1 course from below (International Relations/ Comparative Politics)
POS 325 Islam and Politics (3) (OR POS 328: Hinduism and India (3)
POS 340 Selected topics - International/Comparative (3)
POS 351 Global Environmental Politics (3)
POS 428 God, Ape and Man (3)
POS 435 Gandhi and Bin Laden (3)
POS 431 Genocide (3)
POS 432 Human Rights (3)
POS 433 Religion and Nationalism in Europe (3)
POS 435 Gandhi and Bin Laden (3)
POS 439 Conflict Resolution (3)
POS 440 Selected topics - International/ Comparative (3)
POS 491/492/493: Independent Study - International/ Comparative (3)

Minor Requirements

Students minoring in political science must take at least 18 semester hours of credit in political science courses, excluding internship hours.

4 Year Plan

Political Science Major
 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years

Political Science Minor
 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years


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