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Criminology is the scientific and interdisciplinary study of the nature, extent, causes, control, and prevention of criminal behavior in both the individual and society.

Criminology also includes the examination of evidence; hereditary, psychological, and social causes of crime; various modes of investigation and conviction; and the efficiencies of differing styles of punishment, rehabilitation, and corrections.

Program Description

Students choosing to study Criminology will analyze law and the criminal justice system, study the causes and consequences of crime, and critique social responses to crime.

Major Requirements

The major requires the completion of 43 credit hours, 25 hours of required coursework and 18 hours of elective coursework.

Required Courses (25 credit hours)
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (3)
MAT 223 Statistics (3)
CRM 160 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System (3)
SOC 301 Sociological Research Methods (3)
CRM 303/SOC 303 Sociology of Law (3)
CRM 360 Criminology (3)
NAS 111 Introduction to Biological Science with Lab (4)
CRM 470 Senior Seminar/ With Criminology Emphasis (3)

Elective Course Credits (25 hours)
Students must take at least nine (9) elective hours at the 300 level and nine (9) hours at the 400 level from courses in the departments of social sciences. Courses taken as CRM electives cannot also be used to satisfy another major or minor.

9 elective credit hours at the 200 OR 300-level:
ANT 360 Forensic Anthropology (3)
CRM 341 Criminology Selected Topics (3)
CRM 365 Juvenile Delinquency (3)
CRM 368 Police in Society (3)
CRM 371 Criminal Courts and Process (3)
NAS 211 Biotechnology (4)
PSY 323 Abnormal Psychology (3)
PSY/SOC 370 Social Psychology (3)

9 elective credit hours at the 400-level:
COM 441 Criminology Selected Topics (3)
CRM 462/SOC 462 Victimology (3)
CRM 468/SOC 468 Social Aspects of Terrorism (3)
CRM 491/492/493 Independent Study
PSY 460 Substance Abuse (3)
PSY 440 Forensic Psychology (3)
SOC 442 Social Work (3)

Minor Requirements

Students minoring in criminology must take the following 18 credit hours: SOC 101, CRM 160, 360, 303, and six additional credit hours of sociology electives with a criminology emphasis, which include SOC 341, 365, 368, 371, 441, 462, and 468.

NOTE: Sociology electives which satisfy both a Sociology major or minor and a criminology minor cannot be counted toward both degrees.

4 Year Plan

Criminology Major
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Criminology Minor
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