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Social Sciences Majors and Minors Overview

Criminology Major or Minor

Students minoring in criminology will focus their field of study on the theoretical and research based analysis crime; this includes the causes of crime (etiology), the meaning of crime in terms of law, domestic and international implications, and community reactions to crime.

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International Studies

The International Studies major is designed to provide the student with an interdisciplinary approach to studying global issues that will contribute to a broadly based but critical understanding of our ever-changing global environment.

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Political Science Major or Minor

The Political Science Program at Flagler College is dedicated to providing students with the knowledge and analytical skills necessary for them to rise to the challenges of responsible citizenship and effective leadership in both a diverse society and a global community.

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Psychology Major or Minor

If you've always been intrigued by the complex mysteries of human behavior and development—learning, motivation, emotion, memory, judgment, personality, mental disorders, and social interactions —psychology may be your major. Psychologists build successful careers in a wide variety of settings including medical and health clinics, schools and universities, and even fields as diverse as law, urban planning, and advertising. In fact, recent surveys conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor have projected a steady increase in the demand for well-trained, socially-responsive psychologists.

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Sociology Major or Minor

If you are in search of a field that is broad enough to encompass all your various interests in fields as diverse as criminology, poverty, aging, urban development, media, medicine, science, race, and gender, among others, you may find that the sociology major is right for you. Flagler's sociology program not only provides students with training in contemporary human inquiry but, in the process, also allows them to develop the critical thinking, analytical, writing, research, and fieldwork skills essential for professional success across a variety of fields. Sociology graduates are well-prepared for graduate school as well as for careers in everything from human services to development work to social and academic research and civic leadership.

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Anthropology Minor

The anthropology minor prepares students to function effectively in a culturally diverse environment.  Anthropology is the systematic study of humanity from a holistic, cross-cultural, and historical perspective.  It draws insights from a variety of perspectives, including the social sciences, the humanities, and the biological sciences.   The minor in anthropology aims to promote greater inter-cultural understanding.  The minor, because of its flexibility, is designed to allow students to pursue their interest in a particular aspect of anthropology, such as archaeology or cultural anthropology, and to customize their program to best complement their majors in many other disciplines.

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