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Anthropology Minor

Student Profile: Daphne Pariser

Daphne Pariser

Growing up in California, Flagler psychology major Daphne Pariser probably never imagined that one day she’d be working in a lab on a Japanese island, conducting molecular biology research for immunology.

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Program Description

The anthropology minor prepares students to function effectively in a culturally diverse environment. Anthropology is the systematic study of humanity from a holistic, cross-cultural, and historical perspective. It draws insights from a variety of perspectives, including the social sciences, the humanities, and the biological sciences. The minor in anthropology aims to promote greater inter-cultural understanding. The minor, because of its flexibility, is designed to allow students to pursue their interest in a particular aspect of anthropology, such as archaeology or cultural anthropology, and to customize their program to best complement their majors in many other disciplines.

Minor Requirements

Students with the minor in Anthropology must take a minimum of 18 hours in Anthropology as follows:

A minimum of 2 courses is required from the following list:

ANT 201 Cultural Anthropology (3 hours)

ANT 205 Physical Anthropology (3 hours)

ANT 220 Archaeology (3 hours)

ANT 301 Introduction to Language Studies (3 hours)

Condition for the minor:

No more than 6 semester hours, or 2 courses may be transferred in to satisfy minor course requirements.