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Social and Behavioral Sciences Dept. Overview

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The Department of Social Sciences provides students with training in contemporary fields of human inquiry. Academic programs in this department are designed to prepare students for careers in human services, research and civic leadership.




International Studies
Political Science
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Clubs and Organizations

Behavioral Science Student Association (BSSA)

Flagler College's BSSA provides students with a chance to interact with professionals already working in the field, to get advice on graduate schools and to achieve a strong sense of camaraderie with their fellow students and faculty.

Political Guild

The Political Guild is a student run organization. The purpose of the Political Guild is to bring more attention to and get the Flagler community more involved with political issues. This is done through forums, information tables, and events to educate the public on different issues. The Political Guild is not associated with any specific political party. The members are of all different political beliefs. This school year we will be holding a forum on Latin American issues, holding other forums on issues to be determined and hopefully holding a Political Science week which will bring in speakers who have real world to the college to educate the students and community.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations simulations provide students with a unique opportunity to both utilize and expand their knowledge of international affairs outside of the classroom. Participation in simulations demands that students develop a thorough knowledge of not only the politics of the particular nation they are playing, but the relationship between their state and other states, and the role of the United Nations in this process. Participation in simulations requires significant study, preparation, and practice. Simulations also familiarize students in a very real way how the United Nations functions, particularly the practice of effective verbal and written communication, negotiation, compromise, and diplomacy. A Model United Nations Club affords students who are interested in international affairs the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and prepare for further graduate study or work in international careers.

Psi Chi - The National Honor Society in Psychology

Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, was founded for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology. Membership is by invitation subject to meeting the qualifications as set by the national organization and the local Flagler College chapter.  Please see Dr. Noloboff, the faculty sponsor, for more details.

Psi Sigma Alpha - The National Honors Society for Political Science

The Flagler Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha seeks to foster an understanding and appreciation of political science and the many fields in which it plays a role. To that end, Flagler’s Chapter seeks to promote academic excellence in the field of political science and offer students at Flagler a view of the many career choices a political science major has to offer, both academic and non-academic. This will include, but is not limited to, assisting students in researching graduate school programs, inviting guest speakers in the fields of political science and political theory to Flagler, and assisting students in submitting papers for publication in the Pi Sigma Alpha magazine or other undergraduate publications. Please see the Faculty Advisor, Dr. Cremona, for more information.

Internship Opportunities

The department administers internship programs in Psychology and Sociology. The department is deeply committed to providing students with practical "real-world" experience in human service and research professions. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the internship experiences offered at Flagler College. Any students interested in a Psychology internship should contact Dr. Jerry Noloboff; those interested in a Gerontology or Sociology internship should contact Tina Jaeckle.

Internship positions are limited, and students interested in human services are encouraged to seek advisement from the Social Science Department. Intern positions are available to students who have obtained a minimum cumulative average of 2.5 and permission from the instructor. Internship hours may not count toward a major area of concentration or toward minor areas of study in social sciences.