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Natural Sciences
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Environmental Science

The Environmental Science minor is designed to familiarize students with the natural world by providing a sound foundation of knowledge concerning our planet, diverse Floridian and global ecosystems, natural processes, and ecological sustainability.

Program Description

This program provides a science based route for civic engagement, problem solving, group cooperation, and personal growth. The addition of this minor to any major course of study will provide a unique opportunity for Flagler College students to engage with their community and their peers in undergraduate research.

Minor Requirements

Minor Requirements (16 credits)*

Please see our course catalog for course descriptions.

Life sciences (3 – 4 credit hours)
NAS 111 Intro to Biology
Or NAS 104 Life sciences (Education majors only)

Environmental science (3 credits hours)
NAS 107 Environmental Science

Capstone research class (4 credits)
NAS 401 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
NAS 405 Biodiversity and Conservation
NAS 440 Coastal Field Research

*Additionally, a student must complete a minimum of six credits in Natural Science electives which will come from the list below.

Other Requirements

Courses to Complete the Minor

NAS 151 Environmental Chemistry
NAS 203 Marine Biology
NAS 205 Physical Anthropology
NAS 211 Introduction to Biological Sciences II
NAS 214 Principles of Ecology
NAS 225 Science Communication
NAS 240, 340 Selected Topics
NAS 243 Physical Geography
NAS 245 Oceanography
NAS 310 Field Methods
NAS 352 Global Climate Change
NAS 391, 392, 491, 492 Independent Study
NAS 481, 482, 483 Science Internship

Other Courses Offered

NAS 236 Environmental Physics
NAS 248 Aquatic Chemistry
NAS 300 Science Methods
NAS 331 Evolutionary Biology
NAS 355 Coastal Processes

4 Year Plan

 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years


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