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The Biology Minor provides students with a deeper understanding of the living world around them as well as the workings of their own cells.

Program Description

Biology Lab and Field courses are both required so that students develop a wide range of laboratory and practical skill sets. The Lab Sciences courses represent the most common requirements for entrance to medical school or graduate school in a health field or biological program. Students are encouraged to pursue Research Assistant, Independent Study, and Volunteer opportunities with Flagler Biologists to obtain further research experience. Faculty have many ongoing research projects that utilize our pristine coastal location. Students are invited to participate in undergraduate research as soon as they arrive on campus.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses (2 courses, 7-8 credits)


NAS 111 Introduction to Biological Science 

Math Requirement:

(one of the following) *See note 1 below

MAT 323 Advanced Statistics
MAT 201 Calculus I
MAT 202 Calculus II;

Required Electives (4 courses from the following 2 categories, 14-16 credits)

Lab Sciences (Choose at least 2 courses from this category)

NAS 211 Biotechnology
NAS 151 Environmental Chemistry I *See note 2 below
NAS 136 Environmental Physics I *See note 2 below
NAS 311 Genetics
NAS 322 Microbiology
NAS 240 or 340 Lab
Biology Selected Topic; (fulfills Biology Minor requirement by Chair’s permission only)

Field Sciences (Choose at least 2 courses from this category)

NAS 314 Animal Behavior
NAS 361 Coastal Zoology
NAS 351 Comparative Physiology
NAS 203 Marine Biology *See note 2 below
NAS 240 or 340 Field Biology Selected Topic; (fulfills Biology Minor requirement by Chair’s permission only)

Other Requirements


All coursework within the Biology Minor MUST BE additional and non-redundant for Coastal Environmental Science (CES) Majors and Environmental Science (ES) Minors. Therefore:

  1. CES Majors cannot use Calculus I to fulfill the Math requirement.
  2. CES Majors cannot use NAS 151, NAS 136, or NAS 203 to fulfill Biology Minor requirements.
  3. Students pursuing a Minor in both ES and Biology must choose 4 courses within the Lab and Field science categories above that are non-redundant to their ES elective choices

4 Year Plan

 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years


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