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Natural Sciences
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Natural Sciences

In the coming decades, the global population will face continuing and increasing environmental challenges with a significant proportion occurring in coastal ecosystems.



The Coastal Environmental Science degree program at Flagler College provides students with a rigorous, interdisciplinary academic foundation in the chemical, physical, geological, and biological aspects of environmental science. The proximity of Flagler College to the surrounding natural coastal and marine environment and provides us with outdoor classrooms or “living laboratories” and makes Flagler College an ideal location for undergraduate coastal research.

Most importantly, the combined experience garnered through the Coastal Environmental Science major will serve as a springboard for students as they move on into a diverse array of career paths, such as environmental education, natural resource management, project management and planning, environmental consulting, and scientific research, or in combination with other majors students would be well-suited to work in sustainable business or environmental law.

Education Inside and Outside the Classroom

Study Abroad Opportunities in Bermuda

dr. ed mcginley

Watch The Lecture

Dr. Ed McGinley, Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences

"Fishing and the New World: An examination of how fish helped the exploration, colonization, and growth of America"

Dr. Ben Atkinson’s Marine Biology class traveled to Cedar Key – on Florida’s Gulf coast to learn about the regions ecosystem

Cedar Key Trip

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microplastics in fish

Students in Natural Sciences course studying microplastics in fish

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