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"Classes are fantastic and look great on your transcript, but application of techniques is what will set you apart and get you hired."

Daphne Pariser, ’14
Psychology/Environmental Science

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Associate Professor Terri Seron

Faculty Profile: Terri Seron

First Time’s a Charm

The Fall semester brings a significant “first” for Associate Professor Terri Seron: she is the first chair of a brand-new Flagler College academic department.

Formerly a member of the Math, Science and Technology department faculty, Dr. Seron now heads up the brand-new Natural Sciences department, which offers a major in Coastal Environmental Science and a minor in Environmental Science. More than thirty-five Flagler students have already declared the major and will be the first graduates of this new program, which combines the skill and expertise of Flagler’s faculty with the incredible opportunities to study coastal and environmental sciences afforded by the College’s location.

A graduate of the doctoral program in fisheries and aquatic sciences at the University of Florida, Dr. Seron has spent many hours scuba diving and snorkeling to study marine ecosystems around the world. With the new department and courses of study, she has the opportunity to share her experiences with students in the many unique coastal environments within arm’s reach of Flagler, as well as offer study abroad programs to the Bahamas and Bermuda.  

“This is a unique Florida coastal environmental science program,” she said. “It’s not something you can find at any college. It’s a flagship program in an incredibly resource-rich place. We are very proud of our new department.”

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