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Natural Sciences
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Experiential Opportunities

Faculty Mentored

Students will have the opportunity to participate in research through class, our senior Capstone, and through Independent Studies working with science faculty (check out faculty profiles). Through their participation in research, students will develop practical, applicable skills and problem-solving techniques. In their coursework and research, students will also practice communicating science across disciplines and to a variety of audiences, an essential skill in an era when communicating environmental science issues to the general public is of utmost importance. The Capstone class culminates in a research symposium which simulates a conference at which students will share their research projects. These symposia are open to the public and our community partners.

The pictures below show our current and former students working on various research projects in and around Flagler College.


Dr. Ben Atkinson’s Marine Biology class traveled to Cedar Key – on Florida’s Gulf coast to learn about the regions ecosystem

Cedar Key Trip

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microplastics in fish

Students in Natural Sciences course studying microplastics in fish

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