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Management Information Systems

The world is a complex web these days: people, tools, and sources of information are connected in ways we never imagined. Many businesses and organizations need skilled managers to help them implement and maximize the incredible technologies and processes now at their disposal. You can help them.

A Flagler College minor in Management Information Systems will enhance your major field of study by giving you opportunities to develop your knowledge of technology, business, and the interplay between the two. And that’s not all: it will also enhance your career outlook. It’s currently estimated that jobs in information systems and information technology will grow nearly 18% over the next decade.

Program Description

The Management Information Systems minor at Flagler College is open to all majors. It consists of a total of 15 credits: 9 credits of required courses and 6 credits of electives.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses:

MIS 303 Management Information Systems
MIS 311 Database Systems Management
MIS 312 Systems Analysis and Design

Elective Courses (six hours):
MIS 240 Business Analytics
MIS 321 Business Analytics
MIS 322 Project Management
MIS 323 Web Application Development for Business
MIS 340 Special Topics


4 Year Plan

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Associate Professor of Math and Technology Carrie Grant’s focus is on what she calls discovery-based learning, and more and more it is thanks to the use of technology in the classroom.