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Public History

Exploring, preserving, and presenting the past.

Welcome to Public History at Flagler College. Our mission is to further the preservation and presentation of history through study, research, internships, and community-engaged projects. Join our explorations of the past with a major or minor in the field that can lead to work in museums, archives, non-profits, state and national parks, tourism, and historic sites.

Program Description

As a Public History student, you will learn the field's foundations, methods, theories, and ethics through study of museums, historic preservation, heritage tourism, and oral history. You'll learn how to develop and write for exhibitions, interpretive programs, digital archives, grants, and preservation projects. Course projects include digitizing historical photographs and documents, collecting oral histories, surveying audience engagement, creating physical and virtual exhibits, and writing history curriculum and programming for museums and historic sites. You'll be actively engaged academic and community projects.

Major Requirements

The requirements of the Concentration are 39 credits, as follows:

HIS 205WI: US to 1877
HIS 206WI: US 1877-Present
HIS 265: Introduction to Public History
HIS 300: Historical Methods
HIS 473: Public History Practicum
Choose two courses from below:
HIS 481: Internship
HIS 482: Internship
HIS 483: Internship

Two 300 or 400 level Public History courses from the following list:

HIS 324: Museum Studies
HIS 325: Heritage Tourism
HIS 329: Oral History
HIS 326: Methods and Materials of Historic Preservation
HIS 327: Grantsmanship
HIS 428: Historic Preservation

Two 300 or 400 level History courses from among those listed in the Course Catalog.

Two courses from outside disciplines, including Anthropology, Communication, Business, Art, Theater, and Honorable Entrepreneurship. These courses must be approved by the Director of Public History. Below is the current approved list:

ANT 201WI: Cultural Anthropology
ANT 220: Archaeology
ANT xxx: Historical Archaeology
ART 230: Graphic Design for the Non-Major
ART 251WI: Survey of Art History I
ART 252WI: Survey of Art History II
BUS 101: Intro to Business
BUS 307: Principles of Management
BUS 310: Principles of Marketing
COM 208: Intro to Media
ENT 201: Foundations of Honorable Entrepreneurship
ENT 308: New Venture Creation and Development
ENT 311: New Enterprise Management (with 314: Service Learning)
THA 105: Acting for the Non-Major
SLS 201: Sign Language I
SLS 202: Sign Language II

Minor Requirements

The Public History minor will now be offered only to non-History majors. The requirements are 21 credits.

Choose 1 course from below

HIS 205WI United States History to 1877
HIS 206WI United States History Since 1877

Required Courses

HIS 265 Intro to Public History
COM 218 Visual Culture
Two Public History Courses at 300 or 400 level
HIS 481, 482, or 483: Internship

Choose 1 course from below

BUS 101 Introduction to Business Administration
BUS 307 Principles of Management


For Madeline, teaching and history go hand in hand, and her studies at Flagler perfectly prepared her for the future.


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