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The Philosophy and Religion major affords students an opportunity to inquire into, clarify, and, most importantly, think about fundamental human values and problems.

Program Description

By providing a range of courses that covers both traditional and modern aspects of philsophical and religions thought, the major gives students a firm grounding in the literature of each area. A particular strength of the program is that it offers the student a broad background without sacrificing in-depth experience of specialized expertise.

A philosophy and religion program gives students a unique preparation for a variety of situations, e.g., pre-law, administration, business careers, the para-professions, communications, and human services. In addition, it provides a good background for a number of church-related vocations, including counseling, youth ministry, and Christian education, to mention a few.

Major Requirements

The Philosophy and Religion major will take a minimum of 36 credit hours in philosophy or religion courses, opting for one of the following:

1. concentration in religion; at least 24 of the 36 semester hours in religion, including REL 470, to be taken in the senior year;

2. concentration in philosophy; at least 24 of the 36 semester hours in philosophy, including PHI 470 to be taken in the senior year; or

3. equal concentration in philosophy and religion, including either REL 470 or PHI 470.

Required Courses
PHI/REL 317 Philosophy of Religion
REL 211 World Religions
PHI 103 Introduction to Philosophy I

Choose 1 course from below
PHI 208 Ethics
PHI 223 Logic I: Critical Thinking

Choose 1 course from below
REL 101 Introduction to the Old Testament
REL 102 Introduction to the New Testament

Of the 36 required hours, 18 must be upper level, with at least 9 hours at the 400 level.

4 Year Plan

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