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Youth Ministries Minor

Graduate Success: Luke Zerra

Luke Zerra

When Luke Zerra graduated from Flagler College last spring, he was faced with a tough choice. Three different graduate schools were in pursuit, each offering full tuition and teaching assistantships.

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Student Profile: Kensley Stewart

Kensley Stewart

Liberal Arts major Kensley Stewart writes, in her own words, about travel, serendipity and her current gig as an intern at The Country Music Hall of Fame.

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Program Description

The Youth Ministry Minor is a program of study intended to prepare students intellectually and experientially for a wide variety of ministerial and church-related vocations, religious studies, and seminary. In addition to courses specifically devoted to the theology and skills of ministry, the minor also provides opportunities for supervised fieldwork and training in areas such as Young Life, local churches, and other institutions, agencies, or organizations that are pastoral in nature. Students also benefit from the encouragement and nurturing available from faculty and staff connected to the program and from advisement concerning vocational opportunities.

Minor Requirements

1. The Youth Ministry Minor requires 21 semester hours consisting of the following:
2. Required Courses (12 hours): RST 101, 202, 401, 470

  • RST 101: Youth Ministry I- A course designed with an academic focus on theological examination of ministry and practical focus on experts from different ministry fields.
  • RST 202: Youth Ministry II- A course designed with a practical focus for an advanced study of youth ministry in church settings.
  • RST 401: Pastoral Counseling- A course designed to introduce and acquaint participants with an overview of the role of the youth minister in the areas of pastoral care and counseling.
  • RST 470: Christian Discipline-A course designed with an academic and pragmatic structure focused on a theoretical understanding of the classical Christian disciplines through reading, discussion, and lectures and a nurturing of these disciplines.

3. Required Internship (3 hours): RST 481, RST 482, or RST 483
4. Electives (6 hours): REL 101; REL 102; REL 211; REL 212; REL 301; REL 302; REL 312; REL 317; REL 321; REL 335; REL 340; REL 411; REL 423; REL 430; REL 440; REL 470; REL 481, REL 482, REL 483; and REL 491, REL 492, REL 493.

Program Learning Outcomes

1. A working knowledge of the theology of ministry including call and the use of gifts.
2. An acquaintance with the local church/parish and youth ministry opportunities.
3. Evaluation of calling and commitment to the Christian faith and ministry.
4. Examination of theological purposes behind youth ministries.
5. Exploration of the practical means of achieving these purposes.

Components of the Program

1. Academic- classes required for the minor
2. Community- fellowship with other students for personal growth
3. Field Work- being involved in ministry with youth in churches, Young Life, or other youth organizations.