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Spanish Major or Minor

Graduate Success: Luke Zerra

Luke Zerra

When Luke Zerra graduated from Flagler College last spring, he was faced with a tough choice. Three different graduate schools were in pursuit, each offering full tuition and teaching assistantships.

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Student Profile: Kensley Stewart

Kensley Stewart

Liberal Arts major Kensley Stewart writes, in her own words, about travel, serendipity and her current gig as an intern at The Country Music Hall of Fame.

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Program Description

With nearly 20 million Spanish-speaking people in the United States (including a major Hispanic presence in Florida), fluency in Spanish is becoming increasingly sought after by employers in a diverse array of fields. But in addition to the competitive advantage of learning a new and commercially-significant language, learning Spanish allows you to explore, understand, and appreciate the music, literature, film, history and traditions of Latin America—one of the most culturally vibrant and economically important regions in the world.

The Spanish major emphasizes language skills and a familiarity with the literature of Spanish-speaking cultures. Students are encouraged to study abroad for a semester in a Spanish-speaking country to further enhance their language proficiency while they come to understand another culture. As a Spanish major from Flagler, you will graduate well-prepared for successful careers in government, private industry, non-profit organizations, law, domestic and foreign teaching opportunities, the Peace Corps, and any other profession where fluency in Spanish is an asset.

A student may major or minor in Spanish, or may combine Spanish with Latin American Studies for a major or a minor. Eight semester hours of credit for elementary or intermediate Spanish may be awarded to a student who passes an examination administered in September, provided the students completes one more semester of the language at Flagler College with at least a “B” average during that semester. Only eight semester hours of credit can be awarded to any individual student while at Flagler College who tests out of lower level classes. Students may take one year of foreign language for credit on a pass/fail basis, as long as the credit is not counted toward a major or a minor in the language, or to satisfy the General Education Requirements. Students should take language courses in sequence.

Major Requirements

After elementary Spanish or its equivalent, a student majoring in this field should complete satisfactorily 28 hours in Spanish, including SPA 201, 202, 301, 302, SPA 307 or SPA 309, three more hours at the 300 level, and six more hours at the 400 level. Spanish courses should be taken in sequence. In addition, six hours in Latin American Studies (LAS 201-202) or their equivalent as determined by the program coordinator, are required. SPA 401 is also required. This is a requirement of 34 hours for the Spanish major. The department also recommends that a major spend a semester in a Spanish-speaking country. Credit in Spanish (6-10 hours) earned while abroad may be applied to the graduation requirement of 120 hours as study abroad transfer credit. Students who are planning on pursuing a career teaching are encouraged to take courses on the culture of Spain and Latin America when offered. All students majoring in Spanish are encouraged to take at least four Spanish literature classes at the 300 and 400 levels. At least 20 hours must be taken at Flagler College.

Minor Requirements

A student who chooses to minor in Spanish should complete satisfactorily at least 22 hours beyond the elementary level. Courses should include SPA 201, 202, 301, 302, and one course in Spanish or Latin American literature at the 300 or 400 level, and LAS 201 or 202 unless the Spanish coordinator makes an exception to policy. At least 12 hours must be completed at Flagler College.

Spanish Heritage Learners

Spanish native speakers will be required to take a placement test prior to enrollment in a Spanish minor or major. This test will verify that they are sufficiently advanced in the Spanish language to successfully complete Spanish 300 and 400 level course work. Those native language speakers who do not successfully complete the test, due to shortcomings in Spanish grammar, writing, or for other reasons, will be placed into SPA 201 or SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish. Once these native languages speakers successfully complete the SPA 201 and/or SPA 202 classes, they will be permitted to take SPA 301 and 302 and then move on into higher level Spanish 300 and 400 level literature and culture courses. For those who successfully pass the placement test and successfully complete a higher level Spanish 300 or 400 class with a “B” or higher, they will be eligible to receive credit for SPA 201 and 202 for a total of eight hours and no more. No student will receive credit for SPA 301 and 302 without taking the courses; however, since one of the requirements for a minor or major in Spanish is the successful completion of SPA 301 and 302, the Heritage Learner will be able to substitute higher level Spanish 300 or 400 level classes for the requirement. The Heritage Learner will be required to complete a total of 22 hours for the Spanish minor and 40 hours for the Spanish major. These are the same overall credit requirements for all Spanish majors and minors.

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