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Latin American Studies and Spanish Major or Minor

Graduate Success: Luke Zerra

Luke Zerra

When Luke Zerra graduated from Flagler College last spring, he was faced with a tough choice. Three different graduate schools were in pursuit, each offering full tuition and teaching assistantships.

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Student Profile: Kensley Stewart

Kensley Stewart

Liberal Arts major Kensley Stewart writes, in her own words, about travel, serendipity and her current gig as an intern at The Country Music Hall of Fame.

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Program Description

Have you always been intrigued by a part of the world that features a vibrant mix of cultures ranging from Spain's Judeo-Christian and Islamic heritage to the Mayan, Aztec, Incan, and African influences of Latin America? Are you passionate about Spanish—one of the most widely spoken languages in the Americas? Would you like to take advantage of all the new professional opportunities created by the recent signing of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)? As a Latin American Studies/Spanish major at Flagler, you could spend the next few years gaining fascinating insight into Latin America, one of the world's most vibrant and culturally complex regions and one that continues to have a significant impact on our own culture and economy in the United States.

The Latin American Studies/Spanish major at Flagler places a strong emphasis on the acquisition of practical cultural and language skills. Here, you will gain a fluency in Spanish and a multidisciplinary understanding of the history, politics, economics, geography, literature, and culture of Latin America . In addition, Flagler also encourages students to enhance their theoretical curriculum by participating in a study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country. In a rapidly shrinking world, such global cross-cultural and linguistic skills are eagerly sought by employers, and Flagler graduates go on to build successful careers in a variety of fields including business, education, law, government, and social work.

Major Requirements

The student must complete satisfactorily 36 hours above the 100 level. The following courses are required: SPA 201-202, 301-302; LAS 201-202; either LAS 313 or 315; either LAS 335 or 337; and two LAS 400 level courses.

Minor Requirements

The student must complete satisfactorily SPA 201-202, 301-302; LAS 201-202.
A student may take Latin American Studies as a selected discipline in the Department of Humanities or may major or minor in Latin American Studies/Spanish.