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Liberal Studies Majors & Minors

Graduate Success: Luke Zerra

Luke Zerra

When Luke Zerra graduated from Flagler College last spring, he was faced with a tough choice. Three different graduate schools were in pursuit, each offering full tuition and teaching assistantships.

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Student Profile: Kensley Stewart

Kensley Stewart

Liberal Arts major Kensley Stewart writes, in her own words, about travel, serendipity and her current gig as an intern at The Country Music Hall of Fame.

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Liberal Arts Major

Flagler's major in the liberal arts is designed to introduce students to the rich and challenging intellectual heritage of Western Civilization. Students are encouraged to work primarily with faculty from the liberal studies department to develop an individualized program promoting academic excellence and professional expertise in their chosen areas of study.

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History Major or Minor

Flagler's history program is designed to nurture talents in the study of history, to promote historical awareness, and to enhance critical and analytical skills.

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Public History Minor

Utilizes the academic potential of the College's unique location in the "Nation's Oldest City.”

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Latin American Studies/Spanish Major or Minor

Latin American Studies places an emphasis on knowledge of the Latin American culture. To enhance their studies, the department encourages students to participate in a study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country. With knowledge of another language and culture increasingly sought-after, graduates accept positions in business, education, government and social work.

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Latin American Studies Minor

A student must complete 15 hours in Latin American Studies for a minor.

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Philosophy/Religion Major

The philosophy/religion program consists of a range of courses covering traditional and modern aspects of philosophical and religious thought.

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Philosophy Minor

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Religion Minor

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Spanish Major or Minor

The Spanish program emphasizes language skills and a familiarity with the literature of Spanish-speaking cultures. Students are encouraged to study abroad for a semester in a Spanish-speaking country to further enhance their language proficiency while they come to understand another culture.

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International Studies Minor

Information about the International Studies Minor, including the opportunity for internship and study abroad, can be obtained by contacting the Chair of the Liberal Studies Department.

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Youth Ministries Minor

The Youth Ministry Minor is a program of study intended to prepare students intellectually and experientially for a wide variety of ministerial and church-related vocations, religious studies, and seminary.

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Pre-Law Pre-professional Program

Regardless of your field of study, the pre-law program is an excellent option if you plan on applying to law school after you graduate. Flagler's pre-law program provides a deep understanding of the institutions that develop law in a rigorous undergraduate curriculum, and also helps develop your abilities to read for a clear understanding of content and relationships, to reason logically and think critically, to solve problems given specific factual situations, and to write and speak with clarity, precision, and style.

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