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The Department of Humanities introduces students to the rich and challenging intellectual tradition of Western Civilization. Students majoring in History, Latin American Studies/Spanish, and Philosophy/Religion are encouraged to pursue academic excellence and professional expertise in their chosen area of study.

Additional minors such as pre-law and youth ministries provide specific focus to students interested in these fields. The various majors and minors offered by the Department of Humanities assist students preparing for graduate school as well as for careers in education, law, business, politics, and ministry.

Associate Professor of Law and History Tracy Upchurch is one of Flagler’s most active professors, on and off campus.
This Psychology major is enjoying her first study abroad experience in Galway, Ireland so much, she's asked to stay longer. " .. As much as I do miss Flagler, I am so involved here and feel that I still have so much to see and learn."

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3D Scanning is changing the way we document spaces. See more about our collaboration with UF.

Laser Scanning Ponce Hall