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English Major or Minor

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Program Description

A natural choice for those with a passion for English language and literature, this program is ideal preparation for successful and creative careers in literary writing, academics, journalism, law, and the communications industry. In addition, an English major is also a good choice for those who may be unsure about their professional path—English majors graduate with a broad range of writing, communication, analytical, interpretive, research, and critical thinking skills that are eagerly sought by employers across a wide range of fields.

Traditional strengths in writing, critical thinking, and literature—and an emphasis on teaching and student-faculty relationships—characterize the English department at Flagler. Flagler English majors also enhance their career prospects by taking advantage of various internship and part-time employment opportunities, including those available to advertising and public relations majors. In addition to traditional career paths, Flagler English graduates secure admission to prestigious graduate programs in business and law as well as build successful careers in fields such as publishing, technical writing, secondary school teaching, non-profit administration, public relations, sales and marketing, human services, the travel industry, and politics, among others.

Major Requirements

Students majoring in English are required to take a minimum of 42 hours, as indicated below. Note that ENG 211, ENG 212, ENG 221, ENG 222, ENG 311, ENG 341, and ENG 470 are required of all majors. Students planning on pursuing graduate studies in English are strongly encouraged to take at least 6 hours of elective coursework in a foreign language, chosen in consultation with the student's advisor.

12 hours from:

  • ENG 211 - Introduction to British Literature I
  • ENG 212 - Introduction to British Literature II
  • ENG 221 - Introduction to American Literature I
  • ENG 222 - Introduction to American Literature II

1 course from second semester of a foreign language:

  • FRE 102-Elementary French II
  • GER 102-Elementary German II
  • GRK 102-Elementary Greek II
  • ITA 102-Elementary Italian II
  • LAT 102-Elementary Latin II
  • POR 102-Elementary Portuguese II
  • SPA 102-Elementary Spanish II
  • ENG 304 - The Art of Non-Fiction

3 hours from:

  • ENG 321 - Southern Writers
  • ENG 322 - Great Short Stories
  • ENG 323 - Dramatic Duos: Classical to Contemporary

3 hours from:

  • ENG 331 - Great Works of World Literature
  • ENG 332 - Great Works of Western Literature
  • ENG 333 - Post-Colonial Literature

6 hours from:

  • ENG 311 - Advanced Expository Writing
  • ENG 341 - Literary Criticism

One course in each of these 400 level designations will be offered each semester or an approved ENG 440, ENG 491, ENG 492, or ENG 493 course.

3 hours from:

  • ENG 401 - Renaissance Literature
  • ENG 410 - Chaucer
  • ENG 415 - Shakespeare I
  • ENG 416 - Shakespeare II

3 hours from:

  • ENG 403 - Restoration & 18th Century Literature
  • ENG 406-British Romantic Literature
  • ENG 408-Victorian Literature
  • ENG 417 - Milton
  • ENG 441 - English Novel

3 hours from:

  • ENG 421 - American Masterpieces I
  • ENG 422 - American Masterpieces II
  • ENG 423 - Contemporary American Literature
  • ENG 453 - Contemporary Poetry

3 hours from:

  • ENG 450 - Modern Fiction
  • ENG 451 - Modern Poetry
  • ENG 454 - Literature and Women
  • ENG 461 - Film Literature

3 hours from:

  • ENG 470 - Senior Seminar (to be taken fourth year)

Additionally, an approved ENG 340 course offering may be substituted for a 300-level requirement or 400-level requirement as noted on the list of Selected Topic course substitutions made available by Department of English faculty.

Minor Requirements

Students minoring in English are required to earn 18 semester hours in English from the following groups of courses:

  • 6 hours from any 200 level ENG courses
  • 6 hours from any 300 level ENG courses
  • 6 hours from any 400-level ENG courses.

This excludes any creative writing classes.