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Creative Writing Minor

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Program Description

Open to all students, a minor in creative writing is designed for students seeking experience in writing poetry, short fiction, the novel, creative nonfiction, film, or drama.

Minor Requirements

Students must earn at least 18 semester hours within the following sequence of creative writing courses.

Students are required first to earn 6 semester hours in the following two courses:

  • ENG 205 Introduction to Poetry Writing
  • ENG 206 Introduction to Short Story Writing

Subsequent to prerequisites in poetry and in short story, students will earn at least 9 semester hours from the following options:

  • ENG 303 - Screenwriting
  • ENG 304 - The Art of Nonfiction
  • ENG 306 - Advanced Poetry Writing
  • ENG 307 - Magazine Writing
  • ENG 312 - Advanced Fiction Writing
  • ENG 340 - Selected Topics in Creative Writing (e.g., Play Writing, Writing for Children and Young Adults)

Students may earn 3 semester hours of credit in exceptional alternatives, including a publisher’s contract or an internship at a professional journal.

Students who have earned at least 15 hours of credit, as outlined above, will complete the final 3 semester hours in the creative writing minor:

  • ENG 412 - Manuscript in Creative Writing

Other Options in the Creative Writing Program

Students who do not want to pursue a minor in creative writing or who do not have time in which to complete the required 18 semester hours of credit may choose advanced tracks either in poetry or in fiction:

  • Poetry Track (9 hours) ENG 205, 306, and 412
  • Fiction Track (9 hours) ENG 206, 312, and 412