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Secondary Education- Mathematics

Students who complete their studies in Secondary Education/Mathematics are eligible to receive certification to teach mathematics in middle and high schools. 

Program Description

Students pursuing certification in Secondary Education/Mathematics must take the required courses in mathematics  as specified by the Education Department and pursue course work in professional education courses and educational methodology. At the completion of this program, the student is eligible to receive certification to teach mathematics courses at the middle and high school levels.

Major Requirements

The general education courses that a Secondary Mathematics Education Degree major must take are MAT 223, ENG 152 or ENG 172, ENG 202, COM 101, FYS 142 or FYS 152 or FYS 172, one course from category A and two courses from one of the B categories under Foundations of Knowledge, two courses in Creative Expression Category A or one course in Creative Expression Category A and one course in Creative Expression Category B, PSY 101, one course in Ways of Knowing A and once course in Ways of Knowing B.

The Education Department Courses that a Secondary Mathematics Education major must take are EDU 202 (also Ways of Knowing Category A, Writing Intensive) EDU 242, EDU 321, EDU 355, EDU 357, EDU 462, EDU 471, EDU 481, ESE 309, ESL 315, SED 363, and SED 366.

The additional courses that must be taken to earn a Secondary Mathematics Education Degree are in the mathematics and technology subject area.  These are MAT 201, MAT 202, MAT 203, MAT 312, MAT 335, MAT 361, MAT 368, MAT 371, MAT 381WI, and MIS 206.

Required Courses (Education)
EDU 202    Introduction to Teaching and Learning
EDU 242    Introduction to Technology and Portfolio Design**
EDU 321    General Methods of Instruction
EDU 355    Tests and Measurements
EDU 357    Classroom Management  15 hour practicum
EDU 462    Professional Development and Technical Design**
EDU 471    Critical Curriculum Studies 30 hour practicum
EDU 481    Internship (12 Hours)
ESE 309     Introduction to Exceptionality
ESL 315     Cross Cultural Communications 15 hour practicum
SED 363     Principles of Content Reading  20 hour practicum (FS)
SED 366     Methods of Teaching Mathematics  30 hour practicum

Required Courses (Mathematics and Technology)
MAT 223     Statistics
MAT 201     Calculus I
MAT 202     Calculus II
MAT 203     Calculus III
MAT 312     Modern Geometry
MAT 335     Number Theory
MAT 361     Linear Algebra
MAT 361     Discrete Mathematics
MAT 371     Differential Equations
MAT 381     History of Mathematics (Writing Intensive)

MIS 206      Data Management for Business
*** Certification Approval Pending from FLDOE


4 Year Plan

 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years


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