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Secondary Education (English)

This program is designed for those students interested in teaching English at the secondary level.   

Program Description

Students who complete their studies in Secondary Education/English are eligible to receive certification to teach the content area of English in middle and high schools. In addition, students obtain ESOL endorsement.

Major Requirements

The general education courses that a Secondary Education English major must take are ENG 152 or ENG 172, ENG 202, HIS 205 or HIS 206, PSY 101, COM 101, FYS, choose one each - Creative Expression Category B, one Foundations of Knowledge Foreign Language course, MAT 142, MAT 223, one additional math course from the following - MAT 135, MAT 138, MAT 161, MAT 201, MAT 202, and two of the following sciences - life science, earth science, or physical science from the General Education list.

*The English major is achieved within this degree. Students must declare their intent to pursue the major to the Office of Student Success and Advising in order for it to be reflected on transcripts.

The Education Department courses that a Secondary Education-English major with an endorsement in ESOL must take are:

Required Courses (Education)
EDU 202 Introduction to Teaching and Learning (3)
EDU 242 Introduction to Technology and Portfolio Design (3)
EDU 321 General Methods of Instruction (3)
EDU 355 Tests and Measurements (3)
EDU 357 Classroom Management (3)
EDU 462 Professional Development and Technical Design (3)
EDU 471 Critical Curriculum Studies (3)
EDU 481 Internship (12)
ESE 309 Introduction to Exceptionality (3)
SED 363 Principles of Content Reading (3)
SED 364 Methods of Teaching English (3)
ESL 315 Cross Cultural Communications (3)
ESL 325 Applied Linguistics (Approved for ESOL Credit) (3)
ESL 415 ESOL Curriculum and Materials Development (3)

Required Courses (English)

ENG 211 Introduction to British Literature I (3)
ENG 212 Introduction to British Literature II (3)
ENG 221 Introduction to American Literature I (3)
ENG 222 Introduction to American Literature II (3)
ENG 311 Advanced Academic Writing (3)
ENG 315 Shakespeare I (3)
ENG 341 Literary Criticism (3)
ENG 470 English Senior Seminar (3)

Choose 1 course from below
ENG 345 Film Literature (3)
ENG 322 Great Short Stories (3)
ENG 323 Studies in Drama (3)

Choose one course from below
ENG 325 African American Literature (3)
ENG 321 Southern Writers (3)
ENG 354 Women’s Literature (3)
ENG 333 Postcolonial Literature (3)

Choose 1 course from below
ENG 331 Great Works of World Literature (3)
ENG 332 Great Works of Western Literature (3)
ENG 334 Mythology (3)

Choose 1 course from below

ENG 401 Renaissance Literature (3)
ENG 410 Medieval Literature (3)
ENG 417 Milton (3)
ENG 416 Shakespeare II (3)

Choose 1 course from below
ENG 403 Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature (3)
ENG 406 British Romantic Literature (3)
ENG 408 Victorian Literature (3)
ENG 450 Modern and Contemporary British Literature (3)
ENG 441 The English Novel (3)

Choose 1 course from below
ENG 421 Early American and Transcendental Literature (3)
ENG 422 American Realism and Naturalism (3)
ENG 425 Modern American Literature (3)
ENG 423 Contemporary American Literature (3)

4 Year Plan

 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years


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Carl Williams is one of Flagler’s most distinguished and hardworking professors in the education department.