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Endorsement in Teaching ASL in the Public Schools

A concentration of courses leading to the skills and tools necessary to successfully teach American Sign Language in the public schools.

Program Description

A fifteen hour course of study (five classes) which lead to a state endorsement in the area of ASL instruction.

For endorsement seeking students:

1. Completion of an application form.

2. Official transcript.

3. Students wishing to receive an endorsement in Teaching ASL in the Public Schools also must provide evidence of an ASLPI score of 2.5. More information may be found at

*All students applying to the Teaching ASL in the Public Schools endorsement are required to sit for the American Sign Language Proficiency Interview and score level 2.5 in order to be admitted to the program.  Information concerning this instrument, scheduling and preparation may be found on the Gallaudet website.

Information regarding the scheduling of the ASLPI may be found online through the following link.

American Sign Language Proficiency Interview  (ASLPI)

Carl Williams is one of Flagler’s most distinguished and hardworking professors in the education department.
When I’m not doing schoolwork or working, I’m either volunteering or catching up on my sleep. I’m lucky to find both my job and my school activities fun!