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The Flagler College Education Department provides coursework and mentoring for students interested in working in educational environments. The teacher certification education program is primarily for students wanting to teach in public schools. However, there are many alternate careers and graduate degree options for students with educational backgrounds. The Education Department Program Adviser will advise students as they determine the best options that fit their interests, qualifications, professional environment skills, and future employment goals. 

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Master's Program in Deaf Education

The Department acknowledges that the Education profession is becoming an increasingly challenging one, demanding greater competence, wider versatility, and broader values of its practitioners. Prospective teachers must expand their knowledge of the human experience. They must acquire a comprehensive body of subject area knowledge and an extensive repertoire of instructional strategies.

They must also develop a set of professional attitudes which will enhance educational practice in a culturally-diverse and technologically-advancing society. To these ends, the Department maintains high academic and performance standards and provides students with a solid base of academic content and pedagogic theory and skills.

Blazing New Trails in Education

Risk-takers, trendsetters, adventurers. Whatever you call them, these Flagler College alumni are blazing their own unique trails to success.

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Dani Gwiazada
Carl Williams is one of Flagler’s most distinguished and hardworking professors in the education department.
Leaving her home in Pennsylvania wasn’t easy. But for first-generation college student Caitlin Croley, diving headfirst into student activities made all the difference.