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Strategic Communication (Public Relations)

Businesses and organizations have stories to tell, and they need professionals to help them do it. When you major in Strategic Communication at Flagler College, you’re preparing yourself for a career in which you’ll help others build their images, maintain their relationships, and sometimes even manage crises. With this major, you will be prepared to understand and work in a variety of mediated environments such as television, radio, Internet-based technologies, strategic communication (public relations), advertising, promotions, film, or media sales.

Program Description

The wall between the disciplines of public relations and advertising has been dismantled by changes in professional practice and new media. Industry professionals require their employees to be agile enough to do both advertising and public relations. In this major you will learn how to research, plan, write, execute, and evaluate communication plans across multiple communication channels and contexts.


Major Requirements

A total of 53 credit hours is required for the Strategic Communication (Public Relations) major.

Prerequisites (3 credit hours)
COM 101 Speech Communication (3)
ENG 152 Research Topics in College Writing (3)

Core Requirements (12 credit hours)
COM 208 Introduction to Media (3) 
COM 213 Media Literacy (3)
COM 362 Media Ethics (3)
COM 420 Media Law (3)

Major Requirements (29 credit hours)
COM 224  Foundations of PR/StrategicCommunication (3)
COM 226 Writing and Production for PR/Strategic Communication (4)
COM 311 Advanced Writing for PR/Strategic Communication (3)
COM 358 Social Media for PR/Strategic Communication (3)
COM 359 Digital Media for PR/Strategic Communication (3)
COM 403 PR/Strategic Communication Theory and Research (3)
COM 462 PR/Strategic Communication Case Analysis (3)
COM 463 PR/Strategic Communication Campaigns (3)
COM 470 Portfolio Review (1)
COM 481, 482 or 483 Communication Internship (3)

Other Requirements

Professional Enhancement Electives (6 hours)
ART 229 Branding (4)
ART 230 Graphic Design for the Non-Major (4)
ART 436 Advertising Design (4)
BUS 101 Introduction to Business Administration (3)
BUS 241 Legal Environment of Business (3)
BUS/COM 318 Principles of Advertising (3)
BUS 310 Principles of Marketing (3)
HIS 265 Introduction Public History (3)
MAT 223 Statistics (3)

Societal Implications Electives (6 credit hours) or (Second major or minor)
ART/COM 218 Visual Culture (3)
COM 334 Gender, Race, Class and the Media (3)
COM 338 Propaganda in a “Free” Society (3)
POS 221 Politics in the United States (3)
POS 343 Campaigns and Elections (3)
PSY/SOC 370 Social Psychology (3)
SOC 201 Contemporary Social Problems (3)
SOC 355 Social Movements (3)

4 Year Plan

 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years


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