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Media Studies

Students majoring in Media Studies will focus on preparation for further studies in a graduate program. 

Program Description

Students will work in a variety of mediated environments such as television, radio, Internet-based technologies, strategic communication (public relations), advertising, promotions, film, or media sales.

Major Requirements

A total of 53 semester hours is required for the Media Studies Major (CMS).

COM 101 Speech Communication
ENG 152 Research Topics in College Writing

Core Requirements (12 credit hours)
COM 208 Introduction to Media (3) 
COM 213  Media Literacy (3)
COM 362 Media Ethics (3)
COM 420 Media Law (3) 

Major Requirements
COM 235 Principles of Media Studies (3)
ART/COM 218 Visual Culture (3)
COM 320 Writing Criticism for Media Studies (3)
COM 334 Gender, Race, Class and the Media (3)
COM 335 Television and Contemporary Society (3)
COM 435 Senior Seminar in Media Studies (3)

Choose one course from below
COM 216 Film History (3)
ART 367 History of Photography (3)

Choose two courses from below
COM 338 Propaganda in a “Free Society (3)
COM/ENG 316 Film and Genre (3)
COM 337 National Film Movements (3)
ENG 345 Film Literature (3)

Choose one course from below
COM 401 Media Aesthetics (3)
COM 431 Videogaming (3)

Other Requirements

Elective Courses (12 credit hours) or (Second Major or Minor)
ART 366: European Modernism, 1840-1907 (3)
THA 209: History of American Film I (3)
HIS 336: The History of Rock and Roll (3)
MAT 223: Statistics (3)
PHI 360: Philosophy Through TV and Film (3)
REL 335: Religion and Film (3)
COM: Any other COM class not required for major

When Ashley Mederos, ’99, went to work for Firehouse Subs at their Jacksonville headquarters back in 2006, she had no idea she was planting the Flagler flag in the sandwich company.
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