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Communication and Media

Students enrolled in the Communication and Media minor will get a broad understanding of the news and multimedia career fields. 

Communications and Media

Program Description

Students will begin the minor with a general introduction to media, then progress into the ever-changing realm of media law. Further into the minor, students will choose writing classes tailored specifically to their interests, or gain an understanding of the history of film. 

Minor Requirements

A total of 24 credit hours is required for the Communication and Media minor.

Required Courses
COM 208 Introduction to Media (3)
COM 213 Media Literacy (3)
COM 362 Media Ethics (3) 
COM 420 Media Law (3)
9 credit hours from any COM 300-400 level courses

Choose one course from below
COM 232 Writing for Short Subject (3)
COM 234 Writing for Television (3)
COM 220 Newswriting I (3)
COM 216 Film History (3)

Communication professor Tracey Eaton continues a successful career of investigative journalism and reporting.