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Program Majors & Minors

Journalism and Media Production

Just a few years ago the general public and even some media professionals believed that journalism was dying, but recent data indicates that smart phones, tablets and computers have exponentially increased the demand for news.  According to the Pew Research Center’s latest report, more than a quarter of Americans now get news on mobile devices; television network news audiences grew 4.5% this year – the first uptick in a decade; local stations experienced the first audience growth in five years; cable news audiences also grew.

With this new demand has come a fundamental change from the distinctly separate categories of print and broadcast journalism to something that simultaneously utilizes multiple technologies, merging print, graphics, audio and video – “converged” media. To be competitive in this emerging media environment we will educate you in all media platforms, to produce interactive, multimedia stories and to utilize social networking and crowd sourcing for researching, interviewing and story dissemination.

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Media Studies 

Media Studies is an increasingly important discipline at American universities and colleges. Majors in this field learn to analyze, synthesize and discern important information.  They learn to read and write effectively and look at the world with a critical eye. This major will consider the media’s role within American society, the formal attributes of a variety of media genres, media as a site of gender and racial identity formation, media’s role in everyday life, and their technological and cultural impacts.

As a graduate of the Media Studies major students will become more savvy and sophisticated citizens of the world. This major is designed to make sure our students benefit from the goals of a Liberal Arts Education through the study of film and other forms of media.

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Strategic Communication (Public Relations)

The wall between the disciplines of public relations and advertising has been brought down by changes in professional practice and new media. Industry professionals require their employees to be agile enough to do both advertising and public relations. In this major you will be learn how to research, plan, write, execute and evaluate communication plans across multiple communication channels and contexts.

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Communication and Media Minor

With the lines between television, internet and radio becoming more blurry, the dire need for clear media laws and ethics standards are becoming more clear. Students focusing on the Communication and Media minor will start with an introduction to media, then move on to classes on media literacy, media ethics and media law. Students will also become more proficient in writing for news and multimedia and have an opportunity to learn about the rich history of film. 

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student kenyan trip

Working in Kenya

Recent grad Kathleen Quillian spent 6 weeks in Kenya working with Actuality Media and SWAP (Safe Water and AIDs project). Click to watch her story.


Communication professor Tracey Eaton continues a successful career of investigative journalism and reporting.