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Experiential Opportunities

Flagler-Produced Television Series

Ancient City Stories is an exciting project for the Department of Communication. It provides our students with the ultimate hands-on project, a TV series that appears on CW-17 in Jacksonville, FL. Students produce this TV series, which is sourced from all areas of the Communication Department. Flagler alumni also contribute to the series, and provide external mentorship and networking opportunities to our students.


On Campus Opportunities

 The Gargoyle

The college newspaper, The Gargoyle, is an online-only, student-run publication that has won more than 60 journalism awards, including three national Society of Professional Journalists awards. The Gargoyle's mission is to serve as an extracurricular learning experience for aspiring journalists, communication majors, and other students at Flagler College.

WebsiteThe Gargoyle

Public Relations Society

The Flagler College PRSSA chapter is one of 248 chapters at colleges and universities across the country. The chapter serves as a networking opportunity between students and professionals, as well as a way for members to build professional portfolios. As a member, students get a hands-on approach to public relations. The Flagler College PRSSA chapter also writes and executes strategic plans for local organizations. Students interested in any aspect of public relations, including writing, design and media, are welcome to join the Public Relations Society. The purpose of the club is to establish contacts and develop skills for future employment opportunities. To find out about joining this club, attend the Club Night held at the beginning of each semester or contact the department chair.

WFCF - 88.5 FM

The college radio station, WFCF, is run by communication majors and community volunteers. WFCF broadcasts an eclectic and entertaining mix of music on 88.5 FM — a 10,000-watt station in St. Augustine — as well as online at

Listen Online: WFCF - 88.5


The college television station offers an on-campus internship program for students who shoot and edit events around the college and St. Augustine.

Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ)

Flagler’s SPJ chapter is a member of the national Society of Professional Journalists, which is dedicated to the freedom of the press. The chapter aims to stimulate conversations about the role of the press in a free society and to provide professional growth opportunities for journalism students.

Association of Fundraising Professionals

This association gives students who are interested in nonprofit or higher education industries the chance to promote philanthropy through exciting and challenging career opportunities.

Dow Advantage Public Relations Group

This organization is a student-run public relations agency that works with nonprofit groups in the St. Augustine area.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Study Abroad 2016 - Ireland

Trevor Worley has taken his passion for filmmaking to another world and his short film, Martian American, is a clear departure from what he's done before.


Communication professor Tracey Eaton continues a successful career of investigative journalism and reporting.