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Honorable Entrepreneurship

 Honorable Entrepreneurship Minor.

Program Description

This minor has been created for students who are not pursuing a major or a minor in Business Administration or Accounting and who want to learn how to transform their ideas into reality. The seven-course, 19-credit hour curriculum teaches students how to recognize opportunity; launch and nurture a start-up; and harvest the financial fruits of honorable entrepreneurship in a for-profit company. Students will also be able to take elective courses on principles of entrepreneurship in the family business and in social entrepreneurship where they will learn innovative approaches to mobilizing resources and managing risk to attenuate social problems.


Minor Requirements

A total of 19 semester hours are required to complete the Honorable Entrepreneurship minor.

Required Courses
ENT 201 Foundations of Honorable Entrepreneurship
ENT 202  Economics and Entrepreneurship
ENT 211 Commerce and Finance for Honorable Entrepreneurs
ENT 241 Legal Environment of the Honorable Entrepreneur
ENT 304 New Venture Creation and Development
ENT 311 New Enterprise Management
ENT 314 Service Learning Project

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