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Finance graduates are well-prepared for careers in corporate finance, investment management services, real estate management, and public administration, as well as graduate programs of study in economics and finance.

Program Description

The finance major is designed to provide you with a global understanding of financial markets, an ability to make informed financial management decisions, and an understanding of the risk and return characteristics of investment instruments.

Major Requirements

Students who major in finance are required to complete a total of 60 credit hours of study, including 51 hours of required core courses as follows:

Required Courses
ACC 211  Principles of Financial Accounting
ACC 349  Intermediate Accounting I
ECO 201  Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 202  Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 311  Intermediate Microeconomics OR ECO 420 Managerial Economics
ECO 312  Intermediate Macroeconomics
BUS 301  Financial Management I
BUS 302  Financial Management II
ECO 321  Money & Banking
BUS 353  Investments
BUS 450  International Finance
BUS 453  Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
FIN 470  Senior Seminar in Finance
LAW 310  Legal Environment of Business
MAT 135  College Algebra or MAT 161 Pre-calculus or MAT 171 Applied Calculus or MAT 201 Calculus I
MAT 223  Statistics
MIS 206  Data Management for Business

Elective Courses
Students must also complete 9 hours of electives from the following list:
ACC 350  Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 359  Managerial Accounting
ACC 411  Intermediate Accounting III
ECO 331  International Economics
ECO 450  Econometrics
BUS 305  Real Estate Fundamentals
BUS 340  Risk Management
FIN 340  Selected Topics in Finance

Minor Requirements

Required Courses
BUS 301 Financial Management I (3)
BUS 302 Financial Management II (3)
BUS 353 Investments (3)
BUS 450 International Finance (3)
BUS 453 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (3)
ECO 321 Money and Banking, and all applicable prerequisites. No course substitutions are allowed.

4 Year Plan

Finance Major
 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years

Finance Minor
 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years


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