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Business Administration
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Program Majors & Minors

Accounting Major or Minor

Accounting is the management and communication of financial information for business and administrative decision-making. The major is designed to provide a common accounting and business foundation useful for a variety of student objectives. The place of accounting in decision-making is emphasized within the accounting curriculum, but students will also be expected to achieve a sound liberal education including strong communication skills, so the successful graduate can both visualize accounting activities within broader organizational and social objectives and communicate information effectively.

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Business Administration Major or Minor

The Business Administration major is designed to give students a broad knowledge of the business world and to prepare them for leadership positions in private and public companies. It also provides a strong foundation for graduate study in business and related fields. The required curriculum includes three courses each in management and accounting, four courses in economics, two courses in finance and single courses in marketing, business communications, business law, statistics, and computer applications. Four additional elective courses covering a broad range of business topics are also required.

Most students who major in Business are employed soon after graduation by companies in many different sectors of the economy, although some students choose to continue their education in MBA programs at other colleges and universities.

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Economics Major or Minor

Students majoring in economics learn to think carefully and precisely about many issues that are essential for making effective personal decisions and for participating responsibly in public debate.  The rigor in economic analysis is an excellent preparation for many graduate programs of study, including law school.

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Finance Minor

Students minoring in Finance can expect a well-rounded working knowledge of the field of finance. Subjects to be taught include financial management, investing, international finance, security analysis and portfolio management, and money and banking.

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Honorable Entrepreneurship

This minor has been created for students who are not pursuing a major or a minor in Business Administration or Accounting and who want to learn how to transform their ideas into reality.

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Marketing Minor

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