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Honorable Entrepreneurship

Student Profile: Emily Ortega

Emily Ortega

Emily Ortega is busy. But it’s the good kind of busy. The Flagler College senior is studying not just for her final year’s courses, but also for the professional CPA exam, in preparation for the job that’s waiting for her after graduation.

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Graduate Success: Nicole Del Bene

Nicole Del Bene

When Nicole Del Bene first arrived at Flagler, she had her sights set on heading to law school after earning an undergraduate degree. But life had different plans for Nicole.

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Program Description

Honorable Entrepreneurship Minor: This minor has been created for students who are not pursuing a major or a minor in Business Administration or Accounting and who want to learn how to transform their ideas into reality. The seven-course, 19-credit hour curriculum teaches students how to recognize opportunity; launch and nurture a start-up; and harvest the financial fruits of honorable entrepreneurship in a for-profit company. Students will also be able to take elective courses on principles of entrepreneurship in the family business and in social entrepreneurship where they will learn innovative approaches to mobilizing resources and managing risk to attenuate social problems.

Minor Requirements

Students must satisfactorily complete ENT 201, 202, 211, 241, 308, 311 and 314.