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Business Administration Major or Minor

Student Profile: Emily Ortega

Emily Ortega

Emily Ortega is busy. But it’s the good kind of busy. The Flagler College senior is studying not just for her final year’s courses, but also for the professional CPA exam, in preparation for the job that’s waiting for her after graduation.

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Graduate Success: Nicole Del Bene

Nicole Del Bene

When Nicole Del Bene first arrived at Flagler, she had her sights set on heading to law school after earning an undergraduate degree. But life had different plans for Nicole.

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Program Description

Business is a major worth choosing if you are interested in acquiring the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to play a leadership role in the corporate world. Business leaders are critical as part of small local firms as well as within global and multinational organizations. They create and implement management strategy, manage human resources, analyze and make decisions that impact the social and economic environment within public and private organizations, shape organizational policy, and help ensure that organizational goals are being met.

Flagler’s business administration program encompasses courses in economics, business law, accounting, statistics, communication, marketing, management, finance, and computer applications. In addition to classroom learning, business majors at Flagler also benefit from unique hands-on learning and professional networking opportunities. They win national and international awards as part of student organizations such as the Society for Advancement of Management (SAM) and Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE). They make professional connections through internships with local, national, and global organizations. They collaborate closely with faculty who have years of real-world industry experience. And, not surprisingly, most of them receive one or more job offers even before they graduate.  A number of graduates continue their education and earn advanced degrees in business and related subjects.

Major Requirements

A total of 63 semester hours is required for the Business Administration major. Students must satisfactorily complete ACC 211, 212; BUS 230, 241, 301, 302, 303, 307, 310, 470; ECO 201, 202; CSC 206; MAT 135 or 171 or 201, and 223. Students also must complete 15 hours of 300 or 400 level electives in business administration. At least six hours of these electives must be at the 400 level. Six of the 15 hours of BUS electives may be selected from any 300 or 400 level BUS course offered. One 300 or 400 level elective (3 hours) must be selected from each of the following categories of courses:

  • International Business: BUS 430, 450, 471, ECO 331.
  • Marketing: BUS 312, 315, 318, 416, 417, 462, 472.
  • Management: BUS 309, 342, 353, 408, 409, 420, 441, 461, 474.

In addition, one three-hour ECO elective at the 300 level or higher must be completed. Students are strongly encouraged to complete ACC 211, 212, BUS 230, ECO 201, 202, and MAT 135 or 171 or 201, and 223 prior to their junior year.

Minor Requirements

To minor in this field, the student must complete satisfactorily ACC 211, 212; BUS 301, 307, 310; CSC 206; ECO 201, 202; and MAT 223. In addition, one 200 level or higher BUS elective course must be completed for a total of 30 required hours.