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Accounting Major or Minor

Student Profile: Emily Ortega

Emily Ortega

Emily Ortega is busy. But it’s the good kind of busy. The Flagler College senior is studying not just for her final year’s courses, but also for the professional CPA exam, in preparation for the job that’s waiting for her after graduation.

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Graduate Success: Nicole Del Bene

Nicole Del Bene

When Nicole Del Bene first arrived at Flagler, she had her sights set on heading to law school after earning an undergraduate degree. But life had different plans for Nicole.

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Program Description

Accounting is the management and communication of financial information for business and administrative decision-making. The major is designed to provide a common accounting and business foundation useful for a variety of student objectives. The place of accounting in decision-making is emphasized within the accounting curriculum, but students will also be expected to achieve a sound liberal education including strong communication skills, so that the successful graduate can both visualize accounting activities within broader organizational and social objectives and communicate information effectively.

The mission of the accounting major is to advance accountancy through programs that provide outstanding education for undergraduate students, disseminate knowledge, promote the understanding and ethical practice of accountancy, and serve the community.

Flagler’s four-year undergraduate accounting program prepares students for a variety of successful careers, or for admission to graduate programs in accounting, business, and law by offering carefully selected courses in accounting, business administration, financial management, money and banking, marketing, management, economics, and computing. In addition, the program also offers students a sound general education foundation that emphasizes the analytical, decision-making, and communication skills critical for success in today’s corporate world.  An accounting major at Flagler finds small classes, plenty of one-on-one attention from faculty (most of whom not only hold graduate degrees but are also CPAs), and ample access to internships in public and private accounting.

Major Requirements

A total of 69 semester hours is required for the Accounting major. Students majoring in accounting must satisfactorily complete ACC 211, 349-350, 359-360, 361, 371, 411, 448, 451; BUS 241, 301, 302, 307, 310, 342, and 470; CSC majors are also encouraged, but not required, to take MAT 171 or 201. Students should have completed ACC 211 and ECO 201-202 prior to their junior year.

Minor Requirements

The student must satisfactorily complete ACC 211, 212 plus fifteen semester hours beyond this level including ACC 349, 350, and 411.

Other Requirements

Students who are majoring or minoring in accounting and who are also majoring in business administration are not required to take BUS 351 if they have taken ACC 355 and 356.